BOT Full Form in PUBG

BOT Full Form in PUBG and in Gaming with Full Form Planets. So, Guys in Pubg Bots Irritate some Players and some player’s Like Bots just for kill Lol. Sure, Many players think that Bot is a Player, But basically, BOT is Computer or a Script. Basically, Developers copy players movement script and paste it on a bot.

Full Form of Bot in Pubg
Full Form of Bot in Pubg

How to Identify a Bot in Pubg?

However, Finding a Bot is not tricky. Because bot has no professional skills like,

Peak, Sprint and Jump etc…

Sometime, Bot can prone But, the best way to identify a bot is his firing fundamentals.

Usually, Bot use single tap fires and sometime 3 tap fires.

Mostly, Bots have Good outfits and some Level 3 loots.

Sometime, they bring snipers, M416, 8x scope and Dp28 etc…

How to Survive Bot Scam in Pubg?

Are you on Crown or above!!

Literally, atleast once you got scammed.

Basically, Many pro players use this trick to get kills and fight wins.

Because this is one of the best way to kill, the kill hungers.

You can avoid this scam by following this tips.

Top 5 Pro Tips to Survive a Bot Scam (5% people Know)

  1. Mainly, Bots apper when player land.
  2. If you the 1st zone started, there are less probablity of bots to appear.
  3. If a Bot fire on someone so, make sure to check his opponent. 
  4. Bots movement is slighly different from real players.
  5. Bots do not fire continusly on auto mode.

So, that’s all about Bots.

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