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ClutchGod Pubg ID Number|ClutchGod Girlfriend

Who is ClutchGod (Pubg)?

ClutchGod Aka Vivek Aabhas Horo is a popular indian mobile gamer. He is the owner of YouTube channel ClutchGod Gaming. ClutchGod is competitive Pubg Mobile Player and he plays for TSMentity.

Why ClutchGod So Popular? 

Vivek (ClutchGod) Aabhas playing since launch of Pubg Mobile. His dominance and skills in Pubg Mobile Community is the reason that’s why he is so popular. He is formerly member of Top level Indian Clans like; Soul, 8Bit and Entity.

ClutchGod Pubg ID Number and Pubg Name?

ClutchGod Pubg ID Number is 581112228 and his Pubg Name is TSMenCLUTCHGOD.

Vivek Belongs from Ranchi, India. He has more than 2 Million Popularity in Pubg Mobile.

ClutchGod has more than 230k Subscribers on his Youtube Channel. And more than 350k Followers on his Instagram account.

ClutchGod Pubg ID:

  • Address: Jaipur, Ranchi
  • Device: iPhone XR
  • Role: Assaulter
  • Claw: 4 Fingers + Gyroscope Always On
  • Religion: Hindu (not sure)

Who is Girlfriend of ClutchGod?

Entity Ishika well known as ClutchGod’s Girlfriend. “source” 

Currently, they are no more in relationship. 

ClutchGod Girlfriend

Entity ClutchGod with Entity Ishika

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Entity ClutchGod Sensitivity Settings (2020)

Here you’ll get ClutchGod Pubg Current Sensitivity Settings. This is Latest Sensitivity of 2021.

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