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Soul Regaltos Pubg ID

Soul Regaltos Pubg id

So, Guys Basically Soul Regaltos Aka (Regaltos Pubg) is a professional Pubg Mobile player for Soul Esports.

Basically, He has more that 500k Subscribers on youtube. (Check Regaltos Real Time Subscribers count). 

Soul Regaltos Pubg Name (Real Name)

So, Real name of soul Regaltos is Parv Jain. On some popular indian news sites you’ll see parv singh as his real name.

But, you all know the truth. So, his real name is Parv Jain. Moreover, you can check on his Instagram.

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Soul Regaltos Pubg id number

Copy his pubg id from below.


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Soul Regaltos Pubg id name

Basically, Regaltos change his name time to time.

Because as we all know that he is professional esports player.

Currently, his official Pubg ID name is  {SoulRegaltos}.

Soul Regaltos Pubg Sensitivity

Soul Regaltos has not mentioned his sensitivity on his Instagram.

Moreover, I don’t recommend you to use his sensitivity.

Instead, you can you the Best Pubg Mobile Sensitivity in the world. Just by clicking on this link.

This ideal sensitivity was used by athena gaming, coffin, axom shockwave and xqf paraboy.

Soul Regaltos Discord (Direct link to join)

Discord Link of Regaltos Click Here

Just link every youtuber and every Streamer regaltos also has his unique discord for his public (Janta).

We also making available link of soul clan’s official discord. also join this if you are a real fan or lover of soul clan or soul esports.

Regaltos Pubg age

Soul Regaltos is now 18 year old in 2020.

If you know his birth date. Then, please comment below. So, i can improve the overall quality of this article.

Regaltos Pubg Girlfriend

Currently, i can’t mention Regaltos “Rega” Girlfriend name or images here. 

You can check them by visiting our home page.

Then, search on official search box of our site “regaltos girlfriend”.

Then, you can easily see her images and pics with instagram.

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