User Custom.ini Pubg Mobile Download

User Custom.ini Pubg Mobile Download with Full Form Planets.

Basically, User Custom.ini change device specifications from Pubg’s Artificial Intelligence.

So, it helps you in reducing lag issues in Pubg Mobile.

Especially, it increase Graphics and Frame Rates (FPS). 

Most Important using this script is not risky for Pubg Mobile Account.

How to Use User Custom.ini in Pubg Mobile!

User Custom ini PUBG Mobile Download
User Custom ini PUBG Mobile Download

PUBG Mobile is one of the best android game since 2018.

But, Due to its Heavy size it has many lags and FPS Fluctuates.

However, Pubg Mobile support many devices with minimum requirements of 2GB Ram.

Pubg Mobile use artificial intelligence to detect Device specifications like (RAM, ROM, CPU, GPU & Screen Resolution.

Download User Custom.ini

Steps to Use User Custom.ini – Same Procedure for (High, HD and Ultra HD)

  1. First of all, Download ES File Explorer.
  2. Now, Copy the follwing scripts.
  3. For (High, HD, Ultra HD)
  4. Then, open Android
  5. Data
  6. com.tencent.ig
  7. Files
  8. UE4Games
  9. Shadow Tracker
  10. Shadow-Tracker
  11. Saved
  12. Config
  13. Android
  14. UserCustom.ini

Again, open it through ES Text Editor and copy the following text till line no.35. Then, Paste it till 39th line.

Then paste the graphics code as you want.

IMP Note: whenever you feel free we recommend you to read these pro guides:

5 Reasons Why you should always use User Custom.ini in Pubg Mobile?

  1. First of all, Most important benefit of using User Custom.ini is it increase In Game FPS.
  2. 100% safe it wont ban your account.
  3. It Increase Graphic setting without lag.
  4. Not 100% but it fix most of the In Game lags.
  5. In Fact, This is the best alternative of GFX Tool.

GFX Tools vs User Custom.ini which is better.

First of all, lets talk about GFX Tools.

  • Sometime using it will Ban your account.
  • It make your quick chat default.
  • Change some of your setting to default setting.
  • Sometime, Increase lag due to background Loads.

Now, you can check user custom.ini’s pros from above.

How to Download User Custom.ini for different Graphic and FPS Settings?

Basically, you need to download one file, Download link given below.

Then, you can see various folders like (30 FPS, 60 Fps) etc.

You can use different files as you wish.

In fucture we will add more files and expand it too many devices.

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I hope all your doubts regarding How to Fix lag in Pubg Mobile or User Custom.ini Pubg Mobile Download are solved.

However, if you have any doubts comment below. So, i can update this article and add more informations about this.

I tried my best in explaining this topic and hope you like this article.

Please share this article with your friends. So, they can also know this trick.

Download File

User Custom.ini

User Custom.ini Pubg Mobile Download

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