Wouldn’t you say Snakes & Ladders is a great game, offering loads of indulgent fun? This awesome game’s origin dates back to the second century A.D. and reflects the Hindu concept of awareness in everyday life.

The game’s significance is that a person has to perform good deeds by which they can attain salvation while indulging in evil deeds means rebirth in a lower form of life. Good deeds are exhibited by the ladders and snakes, respectively.

Needless to say, the popularity of Snakes and Ladders continues to this day, with even the Indian Railways making the game available to passengers, according to an article in the Financial Times.

Snakes and Ladders Game

Rules Of Snakes & Ladders:

Now let’s get into the rules of this popular game. In Snakes & Ladders, you and your friends take turns rolling the dice and moving your token forward as many spaces as the number on the die.

If you land on the spot with a ladder, then you get to go to its top, but arriving at the location with a snake will make sure you wind up at its tail. The game’s objective is to get to 100, the last number on the board.

When rolling the die and you get a six, you can roll again and move your token to the sum of those two rolls.

Plenty of options for those looking to have fun and play some Snakes & Ladders online are readily available for your Android phone.

In this list, we shall go over the more popular variants of the game.

1. MudGames Snakes and Ladders 3D Online:

MudGames showcases the classic Snakes & Ladders game to its devoted fan following, but with a twist. This version of the game has an arcade mode, and it is played on a 3D board with traditional ladders, a trolly mechanism, and of course, plenty of snakes. You can either challenge your friends to a game or match up with a random opponent worldwide.

If you prefer the old-world charm of the classic board, you can switch from the 3D mode and play in the conventional method.

2. MPL Snakes and Ladders:

The variant of the classic Snakes & Ladders game on the MPL platform will surely take your interest in Snakes & Ladders at least a few notches up. The additional aim of this game is to work your way up the leaderboard by scoring as many points as possible.

The availability of tournaments and competitions entices the player to pick this Snakes and ladder game download

3. Linktime Services LLP Snakes & Ludo Pro

Snakes and Ludo Pro offers double the fun as it includes two exciting games in one package, leaving you spoilt for choice.
Since the launch of this game, the developer has provided adequate support in the form of updates to keep the game running smoothly and provide a mesmerizing experience.

Download the game for free today and challenge other players for a fun time. The objective is the same as the classic version of Snakes and Ladders.

4. Mobirix Snakes and Ladders King:

Snakes and Ladders King by Mobirix goes above and beyond to offer players a captivating experience in addition to the classic mode.

When you choose the survival mode, ghosts will chase you across the board as you race to the finish line. There are also random tiles on the board, and each has a unique ability for you if you land on them.

5. Supercent Games Snakes and Ladders Reloaded

Snakes and Ladders Reloaded by Supercent Games features four distinct multiplayer modes along with the ever-popular classic mode. Additionally, this game comes with its own set of rules that are an exciting departure from the norm.

Players can knock their opponents off if they land in the same spot as their rivals. When this happens, the opponent’s token has to head back to the first tile. Further, to ensure victory, the player should have made at least one kill in the game.

Booster – There are three available boosters in the game called Freeze, Rocket, and Shocker. These power-ups will help you advance quickly, and using them can hinder your opponent’s progress.

The objective of this mode is to steal your opponent’s gold within five minutes while saving your own. The gold’s location on the board will be revealed three minutes into the game.

While playing rush mode, the players have five minutes to finish the game, and the dice’s result will double after three minutes. There is also the option of participating in tournaments to win in-game gold.

6. 2B Games Mini Snakes and Ladders:

Mini Snakes and Ladders by 2B Games offers a unique take on the classic board game. On the board of this game, there are twenty different kinds of snakes, such as blue snakes, anacondas, cobras, horned snakes, and other species.

There are also eight different varieties of boards apart from the classic iteration. The imagery on the boards includes picturization of stairs, levels, towers, or mazes.

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The Bottom Line:

Playing these Snakes and Ladder games on your Android smartphone means this humble game will soon become your favorite, and you won’t look for other ways to distract yourself on those daily commutes.

The nostalgic value and spirit offered by these versions of Snakes and Ladders remain intact despite the tweaks to the original gameplay on offer.

Any enthusiast who loves and appreciates the Snakes and Ladders board game should consider giving this list a look and choose one or more versions for guaranteed fun whenever boredom hovers over the player.