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Note: By using this Code the chances of getting Diamonds, Special Characters and Weapon Skins are equal.

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Free Fire Diamonds Code

Note: If this code won’t work. Then, Don’t worry refresh this page to get a new working code.

Refresh Page Again

So, If you got diamonds and you need any special character. Then, refresh this page until you get Your desired character.

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Free Fire Unlimited Skins Generator

Why this code is not working multiple times?

This is because multiple users visit this page at a same time. That’s why this tool give a particular code to multiple users. So, Refresh this page 1-2 times to get a new working Code.


Why I’m getting only Diamonds?

If you’re getting Diamonds multiple times. Then, you’ll have to try your luck again and again by refreshing this page. Because getting Diamonds is Common and Getting special characters is rare.

How many Try’s (Refreshes) i need to do to get Special Characters?

According to our database based on user feedbacks. You can get any special character in maximum 5-6 tries.