Full Form of Computer and Computer Full Form with Full Form Planets.

So, Guys Computer Stands for Commonly Operated Machine Particularly used for training education research.

Hence, Charles Babbage invented Computed Between 1833 and 1871.

Charles Babbage also known as Father of Computer.

Basically, He is an English mechanical engineer and polymath.

Full Form of Computer

C – Common

O – Operating

M – Machine

P – Particular

U – Use for

T – Trade and Technical

E – Education

R – Research

What is a Computer and Computer Full Form?

Computer is a Electric machine that is able to accept data as input. it has some algorithms will read input data.

Then, they will perform and output the data as the form of the performance of physical tasks, and as well as, data retrieval, data transformation, and data storage.

However, Computer need Electricity to run it is of different types.

What are uses of Computer?

Mainly, Computers is used solve human problems or some Primary problems including mathematical, scientific, healthcare, business, economics, social problems.

Probably, Computer is internally designed with super efficiency of solving some problems super faster than a normal human being.

However, Computer make a revolutionary benefit for internet in spreading all over the world.

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Why Modern Computers are better than early computers?

First of all, Modern computers are very different from early computers.  

Literally, modern computer are capable to do billions of calculations per second. But, in case of early computers they are bit slow as compare to modern computers.

However, many people their own PC (Personal Computer).

Basically, Modern Computers have good and faster parts like CPU, Monitors etc. 

Day by Day, Computers are progressing very fast.

How many Parts Computer Has? and Their Uses?

Almost, Computer has 5 main parts are:

  1. CPU – Central Processing Unit. It is also called brain of computer.
  2. RAM– Random Access Memory.
  3. Hard drive – it can store data all time. However, Computer is on or off.
  4. Motherboard
  5. Video card – it helps monitor to display picture’s and Video.

Why Gaming PC is Different From Normal PC (Computer)?

Generally, normal computers (PC) are mainly used for Office work or School, College or any stationary purpose.

And they have no good graphics.

But, in Case of Gaming PC they required a stable 60 FPS (FPS Full Form). In Gaming PC all components must be compatible with other parts.

Normal computer not require any cooler but, in gaming PC it require a liquid cooler.

Probably, in India a normal PC costs around 20k to 25k on any normal electronics. For example, PUBG require good specification in PC Version.

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