Rozdhan Referral Code: So, Today I’m going to share Rozdhan Code or Rozdhan Invite Code with you.

Also, a step by step guide to earn money from Rozdhan.

So, Lets Dive right in.

Rozdhan Referral Code – Rozdhan Code

0B5F7U – (Zero in starting)

So, Rozdhan Invite Code is (0B5F7U).

Basically, This Rozdhan Benchmark has 2x Earning Boosters than other Refer Codes.

If you use this code you will got 50,000 Rozdhan Coins (₹150) instantly in your wallet.

Oherwise, If you use any third party code you can got maximum ₹50.

Now, Without any further delay let’s dive into our detailed post on Rozdhan Referral Code 2019.

Rozdhan Referral Code 2020

What is Rozdhan Referral Code?

Rozdhan Referral Code is simply a frame of reference or Unique combination of numbers or letters. Rozdhan use referral codes for their referral program. As we all know, best rozdhan referral code is 0B5F7U with 200 INR signup bonus.

What is Rozdhan? Concept

Rozdhan is a News and Entertainment app. Similarly, as Tik Tok and dailyhunt.

Basically, the concept of this app is combination of both apps.

It Seems like different because you can earn direct money from it.

What is Referral/Invite Code?

So, Referral/Invite code is a unique number or code of any person. If anyone enter it in same app or website from where the code is taken. Then, he/she get her bonus according to terms and conditions.

How do you get a Referral Code in Rozdhan?

I will share 5 best steps with you in a very easy procedure to get your unique referral or promo code in Rozdhan.

So, let’s dive right in;

  1. First of all, Download Apk if you haven’t
  2. Then, Sign up for rozdhan and use “0B5F7U” as a refer code.
  3. Now click on “earn money” Tab. 
  4. Then click “invite friend”. Now copy your code given after image.
  5. Now, share this unique code with your friends.

In fact, There are numerous popular social media sites in india. Where you can share your refer code to get unlimited refers in rozdhan.

How to Earn Money in Rozdhan App?

How to Earn Money in Rozdhan App

How to Earn Money in Rozdhan App

However, Earn money from rozdhan is very simple. There are fewer ways to earn money from rozdhan.

1. Use Rozdhan Invitation Code (0B5F7U)

First Recommend step is to use this code because this code bring ₹150 for you without doing anything. Again, if you use any other code that will not bring that much money. So, kindly use this Rozdhan Invitation Code.

2. Check in Daily in app

Second Recommend step is to kindly open your app on daily basis and do check ins.

For example, You can do check in like this.

3.Share Daily Articles

Third Recommend step is to share daily articles. In rozdhan app you got two options (whatsapp and messanger) to share your article.

Then, Each share can bring upto 100 Coins in your wallet through your Rozdhan ka Invite Code.

4. Update your profile

Quite simple, just upload your profile picture and also complete this tasks.

  • Gender
  • Your Bio
  • Your Education Standard

So, This step is very easier way to get unlimited coins in rozdhan.

5.Refer you Friends 

You can share Rozdhan App with your friends. Then, if they install Rozdhan from your referral link you will get comission. 

But, in case to get extra money just tell your friend to download rozdhan from Google play store. Then sign up and use 06EHEW as Rozdhan invite code.

After this your friend got 150 Rupee just like you and you can take your ₹50 to ₹100 from him.

Literally, i tried my best to explain “How rozdhan works” “how to earn money from rozdhan” and the best thing is i share a professional Referral Code for Rozdhan (06EHEW) to boost your starting.

How Rozdhan Coin Convert to Rupees?

From 12:AM to 5:00 AM Rozdhan Convert Points into Rupees (INR).

If Somehow your coins are not converted in Rupees then you can contact them.

Rozdhan Contact: [email protected]

In Rozdhan’s currency 250 coins are equals to 1 Rupees. That means 1500 coin s are equals to 6 Rupee.

For example, If you refer your friend and if he/she complete this requirements. Then, you can got upto 1250 to 1500 coins.

Rozdhan Coin Value in Rupees

  • Rozdhan 1 coin value is 0.01 INR.
  • Rozdhan 1250 Coin Value is 5 INR.
  • Rozdhan 25,000 Coin Value is 100 INR.
  • Rozdhan 50,000 Coin Value is 200 INR.

That’s why more share will brings more revenue for you.

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Rozdhan Unlimited Trick to Unlimited Money From Rozdhan!

This file will generate automatic refers for you just dowload it and enter your refer code then start the Algorithm.

More refers generate high earnings you can download this Rozdhan Hack From Here.

Finally, rozdhan crosses millions of downloads on play store. With 4.5+ average rating.

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Rozdhan Payment Proof – Is Rozdhan Legit

Even, we all know that Rozdhan withdrawl process support only paytm.

In my case i have’nt uploaded My PAN Card details yet. That’s why they cut 20 Rupees in Tax.

So, due to some guidelines and copyrights i can’t share my earnings here.

In Fucture i will share my earning with detailed screenshots and Transactions Promise!!.


Rozdhan Referral Code Kya Hai

 Kya Hai


Rozdhan Payment Proof

Rozdhan Payment Proof

Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Rozdhan Referral code or Rozdhan Code with you.

Also, Step by step guide to earn money from rozdhan for you.

But, Still Something left in your mind. Then, let me know in the comments section.