So, Today I’m going to share How to Get White Ghillie suit in Pubg Mobile Training Room. Basically, there are some hidden places in training mode. Where you can easily get snow ghillie suit. I have also shared how to get it in erangel without airdrop (Secret Place).

White Ghillie Suit Pubg Training

Ghillie suit is one of the most underrated thing in pubg mobile. Ghillie suit increase winning chances. Because it is very hard to spot a ghillie in grass. But today we are talking about white ghillie suit. 

Now let me tell you that white ghillie is officially available only for vikendi.

But somehow by using my proven given 5 Steps you can easily get white ghillie suit in pubg mobile training room and erangel.

5 Steps to Get White Ghillie Suit in Pubg Mobile Training

White Ghillie Suit Pubg Mobile Training

Step 1: Open Training Mode and Take a Dacia (Car)

Step 1: To get white ghillie suit

Step 2: Go to these House and Place Dacia in this Manner

Step 2: to get snow ghillie in pubg traing room

Now do a double jump with the help of the wall and reach Dacia

Step 3: Climb the wall and then Jump on Car and Again Climb Roof

Step 3: to get ghillie suit in training

Step 4: Now Pick up your White Ghilli Suit

Step 4: Climb it and Take your ghillie

Step 5: Finally You have Cool White Ghillie Suit in Pubg Training Mode

Step 5: Here is Our Cool Look with Ghillie

Looking Cool, Now take a Screenshot for Instagram Story and Mention @pubgpreneur


So, this is one of the best and my favorite way to get this cool and dashing white ghillie suit in pubg training mode.

Dont forget to share this information with your friends and teammates. 

If you want to know the secret white ghilli location in erangel. Then, comment you email below. I will send you complete information.

Thank you.

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