Pubg For J2 Download

Pubg For J2 Download

Pubg For J2 Download or Pubg Mobile For Samsung J2 Download with Full Form Planets.

So, Guys basically The Main version of Pubg Mobile is Available on play store.

Somehow, Developers of Tencent have created a separate version of Pubg for J2.

Moreover, it supports J2 Prime, J2 Ace, J2 2016, J2 2015 and all versions of J2.

Pubg for Samsung J2 Download

Pubg For J2 Download – 100% Optimized (No Lags)

So, Before we’ll discuss about Pubg For J2 Version.

Basically, We have to know a little bit about J2 and Pubg Mobile.

In October 2015 Samsung mobile has launched Samsung J2.

Later, they introduced many versions of J2 like.

  • J2 Ace
  • J2 Prime
  • J2 2015
  • J2 2016
  • J2 Pro
  • J2 6

Specifications of Pubg For J2 (all Versions)

First of all, let’s know some Features of J2 that this Version will support.

Display: 4.70‑inch

Processor: Exynos 3475

Front Camera: 2-megapixel

Resolution: 540×960 pixels

RAM: 1024 MB

OS: Android 5.1

Storage: 8192 MB

Battery Capacity: 2000 mAh

– Download Separate J2 for all Versions

Pubg For J2 Prime Download 

Now, if you want to download the best-optimized version of Pubg for J2 Prime. Then, use this link to play Pubg without any lag in J2 Prime.

Download Pubg For J2 Prime

Pubg For J2 Pro Download

Finally, Tencent has successfully developed a Separate Version of Pubg For J2 Pro.

You can use the link given below to Download Pubg Mobile for J2 pro Download.

Download Pubg For J2 Pro

Pubg For J2 2015 Download

The best thing is that the Pubg team has worked hard for J2 Users and successfully. They have developed separate versions for all J2 Models.

Download Pubg For J2 2015

Pubg For J2 2016 Download

However, there are separate versions are available for J2 2015 & 2016. Because there are some little bit specifications are different.

Use this link to download

Download Pubg For J2 2016

Pubg For J2 Ace Download

First of all J2 ace is better than all other versions of J2.

So, There is no doubt that they developed a separate version for J2 Ace.

Download Pubg For J2 Ace


So, if you have any doubts about Pubg mobile.

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