In This Article i’m gonna Guide you on How to join soul clan.

Basically, Soul is one of the most professional clan. 

They are winners of Pubg Mobile India Series 2019.

Mortal is one of the soul member and he is Asia Rank 3 in season 4.

So, let me clear all your doubts regarding joining soul and other good clans.

How to Join Soul Clan in Pubg Mobile without Good KD Ratio!

So, According to soul clan you must be conqueror or your level must be 60 above.

If you follow this you are not directly selected to soul.

There are more thing to do before joining soul.

If above requirements are fulfilled you have to do more.

Soul Team’s Leader, Co-leaders and elite organise tournaments or Custom rooms. so, you can participate and perform better.

Then, you can get selected. But, you need to follow this tips to get easily selected.

Join Soul Tournament From Here.

Our Guides:

10 Tips to follow in Soul Joining Tournaments

    1. Show them that you are not playing for yourself. Play for your team with proper coordination.
    2. Then, choose your role in your squad what you do well like snipping, Assaulting etc.
    3. Master one place like georgopol, Novorepnoye, Pochinki etc. 
    4. Join his discord server to know more requiremets and stay in touch with them. Join discord from here.
    5. Choose you gun combination that impress them for eg. (DP28 + Akm)  (M416 + AWM/Kar98) etc.
    6. Master in recoil control with proper sensitivity setting.
    7. This tip is not necessary but still it helps. If you are popular on any media channel like youtube, Insta. so, this will increase your chances to get selected.
    8. Proper Voice Coordination in hindi or english. Because this is one of the most important factor.
    9. Try to reach conqeror with top 100 ranking. Guide: How to reach conqeror in 5 Days.
    10. You must have titles in pubg like Well Liked, Overachiever, Chicken Master, Pacifist.

How to contact Soul Leader Directly on Instagram.

Let you know that soul mortal is not leader of soul clan.

Soul々Vicky is leader of Soul clan. Basically, you can contact him directly on instagram from here.

By contacting him you can easily participate in soul’s tournamets.

You Can use this Pubg Mobile Triggers to become a pro. I’m showing this triggers becuase many soul members use them.

I Hope that your are doubts regarding joining soul are solved and you understand that How to join Soul Clan.


Doubts Related to Soul Clan and its Members

Soul Mortal PUBG ID and Character ID

Soul Mortal’s New PUBG ID is “SoulMortal”. Basically, he removed special character from his name because of PMCO Rules.

Soul Mortal Character Id is “590211476“.

Soul Mortal Clan Name PUBG

Mortal’s Clan Name is SouL. His Main lineup with Owais, Ronak, Viper.

They are winners of PMIS (Pubg Mobile India Series).

Soul clan’s every member is available on youtube and instagram. They are easily findable if you search his name eg.Soul Viper.


We have different Guides on different topics. But, this is specially for Soul Clan’s Lovers.

If being a fan is not enough and Member is enough. So, this guide is for you.

Follow all steps carefully to join Soul.

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