Tacaz Pubg ID: So, Today I’m going to share Tacaz Pubg Mobile ID or Tacaz Pubg Character ID with you.

Also, Tacaz Pubg Face, Real Name, Age, Device, Country and Tacaz KD Ratio for you.

So, let’s dive right in.

Tacaz Pubg ID – Tacaz Pubg Mobile ID

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Tacaz Pubg ID

Short Biography
Real Name Nguyen Trong Tuong
Nickname Tacaz
Age 21 
Place of Birth Vietnam
Country Vietnam
Nationality Vietnamese
PUBG Name (IGN) XTacaz
PUBG Mobile ID


K/D Ratio 9.85
Clan Name Not in a Clan
Controls 4 Fingers Claw + Gyro Always on
Device iPhone 8 Plus
Social Media  Instagram, YouTube
Instagram   @tacazgamer
Email   unavailable

Who is Tacaz Pubg Mobile?

Tacaz aka Nguyen Trong Tuong is a popular Pubg Mobile player from Vietnam. Basically, He has a popular YouTube channel Tacaz.

He has more than 5.5 Million Subscribers on his Youtube Channel. Must Join Pubg Mobile Official Discord.

What is Tacaz Pubg ID? Pubg Mobile ID

Tacaz Pubg ID or Pubg Mobile Character ID is  5545342200. And his Pubg Name (IGN) is XTacaz. He is not in any clan. Mostly, he play solo vs squad.

That’s why he has less than 1k Pubg Mobile Likes.

Tacaz Pubg ID:


Tacaz Pubg Mobile Name:


Tacaz Real Name:

Nguyen Trong Tuong

Tacaz Age:

20 Years Old

Facts about Tacaz Pubg

Here are some facts about Tacaz Pubg. 

  • He has Two popular YouTube channels.
  • He has 2 YouTube silver play button. And 1 gold play button.
  • Earlier his house was destroyed from flood.
  • His Youtube channel is one of the main and top source of his income.
  • I also follow him. 

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Tacaz Face – Pictures of Tacaz

Tacaz Pubg Mobile Face

Tacaz Face

43 Kills by Tacaz | Solo vs Squad

But, this is not world record for kills. Dwoz has highest kills.

Tacaz Sensitivity Settings (2020)

By Getting Lots of Requests from You Like: We need Tacaz Sensitivity and Show us Tacaz Sensitivity Settings etc.

Finally, I’m mentioning his sensitivity here. Use this sensitivity if you think it will fit on you. Otherwise, You can use Coffin Sensitivity, TSM Jonathan sensitivity or Best Pubg Mobile Sensitivity.

Is Tacaz a Hacker?

I have no clue or any solid proof to show you that Is Tacaz hacker or Not.

But, You can either search on YouTube because there you’ll get lots of videos with proof.

For now you can watch this video.

Popular Videos of Tacaz

Tacaz the King of M762 (5700 Damage)

36 Kills (AWM King)

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Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Tacaz Pubg ID or Tacaz Pubg Mobile Character ID with you.

Also, Tacaz Pubg Face, Age, Real Name, Sensitivity, Device Country and Tacaz KD Ratio for you.

But, if still something left in your mind. Then, let me know in the comments section.