Snax Pubg ID: So, Today I’m going to share Snax Pubg ID or Team IND Snax Pubg ID Number with you.

Also, his Pubg Name, Real Name, Sensitivity, Layout, Control and City for you.

So, Let’s get into it.

Snax Pubg ID

What is Snax Pubg ID?

So, Snax Pubg ID or Team INDSNAX Pubg ID Number is 585127130. And his Pubg Name is TeamINDSnax.

He is one of the best Assaulter and Pubg Mobile Player. Also, he is Competitive PubgM Player.

Well, Snax is known as god of DP-28. And he is Father of a popular quote. “De Jiggle De Jiggle ?“.


Snax Real Name, City, Age (Biography)

So, Snax Real Name is Raj Verma. He is 19 years old.

Snax has more then 400k+ Subscribers on his Youtube Channel. And more then 250k Followers on his Instagram Account.

He is from Maharashtra, India.

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Snax Pubg Sensitivity Settings

Open Images in New tab for better experience. Otherwise, First download them then copy this Sensitivity. 

Moreover, I recommend you to use Coffin Sensitivity or Best Gyroscope Sensitivity.

Camera Sensitivity Settings of TeamINDSnax.

Snax Layout

Snax Pubg ADS Sensitivity.

Snax Layout

Snax Pubg Player Gyroscope Sensitivity.

Snax Sensitivity

Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Snax Pubg ID with you.

Also, his Real Name, Age, Sensitivity Settings, Layout, Pubg Name and why he joined Team IND and become IND Snax for you.

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