In this post, I’m gonna guide you on “How to join hydra clan in Pubg”.

So, if you want to play with Hydra Dynamo, Alpha, Gareeb and most of the Indian emulator streamers.

Then this guide will help you in playing with them.

Let’s dive into it;

How to Join Hydra Clan in Pubg Mobile?

Hydra clan is one of the best pubg mobile clan.

They are popular for playing competitive tournaments and customs.

Recently, hydra performed outstanding in PMIT and PMCO India.

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FAQ (Frequently Asked Questions) about Hydra Clan

Q.Who is the Leader of Hydra Clan in Pubg?

A.Aditya Sawant aka Dynamo gaming is Hydra clan leader.

Hydra Clan LeaderHydra Clan Leader Pubg

Q.Who is Hydra Dynamo?

A. Hydra Dynamo or Dynamo Gaming is a Popular Pubg mobile streamer from Mumbai India with more than 6M + subscribers on youtube.

Hydra Dynamo

Q.How many members in Hydra clan Pubg?

A. Hydra Clan Members: So, there are 50 members in official parent hydra. However, hydra has many micro clans managed by official hydra.

5 Requirements to Join Hydra Clan PUBG

Hydra Clan Pubg Requirements

5 hydra clan requirements you must complete to join hydra clan


So, the first and most important thing for joining hydra clan is conqueror in last season or any season.

Because achieving conqueror frame and avatar makes you an experienced player.

It represents your dedication in-game.

2.Kill Death (KD) Ratio:-

Earlier we have discussed on “How to Increase KD Ratio in Pubg Mobile“.

So, First of all, read that article if you have less KD.

Because KD is the second most important need to join hydra.

I recommend you to watch this video from “MegaByte“.

3.Your Content is King:-

“Content is King” what does it mean?

So, in this case, this phrase means that you have to show your skills and gameplay to the audience.

Because if you have some fame or audience than you can easily join the dynamo community.

As i know that most of the hydra members are YouTubers and streamers. That’s why I’m telling you about it.


“Discord is an ultimate gaming community app for gamers”

First of all, go and download Discord if you are a true gamer.

Earlier, in our soul clan‘s article, we have shared exactly this method. And this trick worked for them.

After downloading join hydra clan discord server.

Hydra team has created separate requirement rooms in discord.

5.Get in Touch:-

I mean before applying in hydra try to get in touch with them.

You can follow the hydra community on Instagram, Facebook, and twitter, etc.

If somehow you can make your conversation with them. Then it increases your 67% chance to “join hydra clan pubg”.

Hopefully, these Hydra Clan Pubg Requrements will helps you in achieving your membership in hydra clan.


Now that is complete information and that is must to join hydra clan in pubg mobile. 

Again, let’s remind some important factors that will definitely help you.

Conqueror, KD Ratio, Content, Get Engaged and Discord.

If you want to know any pubg clan’s requirements then let me know in the comment section.

This will helps me in knowing your queries more better.