BT Full Form in PUBG or Full Form of BT in Gaming with Full Form Planets.

So, Basically BT Stands for Bad Trip in Gaming and PUBG.

Basically, Bad Trip or BT in games when a Team is surround by both sides.

Indian Players also use BT for “Buri Tarah”.

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BT Full Form in PUBG/Gaming!

Nowdays, Many Pubg Mobile Streamers using BT in their streams.

Thatswhy, People are curious to know the meaning of BT.

However, Like BT Streamers using many short forms Like GG, OP and AFK on daily basis.

BT Full Form in PUBG

BT Full Form in Pubg

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What Does BT Mean?

Bad Trip is mainly used when a player or team take a wrong move and get huge loss.

Briefly, Known as Sandwich (Gaming).

Moreover, There are many full forms of BT for different categories.

Example Video of BT in Youtube (Hindi)!

Timestamp: Skip Video At (1:00)

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