Immortal Pubg ID: So, Today I’m going to share Immortal Pubg ID with you.

He is one of the best 2 Fingers Claw Player.

Also, his Stats, Face, KD Ratio, Sensitivity Settings, Tier, Real Name and Pubg Player Name for you.

So, Let’s get into it.

Immortal Pubg ID

What is Immortal Pubg ID?

So, Immortal Pubg ID is 569926036. And his Pubg Name is mYmIMMORTAL.

He is One of the best competitive player in india. And he plays only with 2 Fingers. 

Immortal has more than 100k Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. 

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Immortal Gamerz Short Biography

Immortal Pubg Real Name is Harsh Shrivastava. and his Birthday is on 13 June.

Also, he is PMIS 2020 2nd Runner Up.

Immortal Pubg Face

Facts About Immortal Pubg Player

  • Immortal is currently member of Mayhem Esports. 
  • Earlier he was member of Myst clan.
  • His role is Sniper and Supporter.
  • His Favorite Guns in Pubg Mobile are S686 and AWM.
  • Immortal use One Plus 7 and iPhone 11 Device for Gaming.
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  • Immortal Sensitivity Settings and 2 Fingers Claw Setup is in this Video.

Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Immortal Pubg ID with you.

Also, his Stats, Tier, KD Ratio, Sensitivity Settings, Claw Setup, Real Name and Pubg Player Name for you.

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