Hydra Kani Pubg ID or Hydra Kanika Real Name.

So, Guys I’m going to share Biography, Age and Pics of Hydra Kanika.

And Some Cool and Dashing Facts about Her.

One more thing, Her boyfriend! I know you all know about him. If not then don’t worry.

Ohh! That’s Hydra Dynamo Girlfriend. Yes, you guess it right.

First of all let’s talk about her.

Without any further due lets dive right in;


Hydra Kani Pubg ID

Who is Hydra Kani aka Hydra Kanika?

Kanika Bisht Aka Hydra Kani is a gamer and public figure. She is well known as girlfriend of Hydra Dynamo. She plays pubg with 4 Fingers claw and his gyro is always on.

  • She has more that 2 Million popularity in pubg mobile.
  • Real Name: Kanika Bisht

Is Really Hydra Dynamo Girlfriend is Hydra Kanika?

Yes, She is really known as Hydra Dynamo Girlfriend. Moreover, this thing is confirmed my Dynamo Gaming that Hydra kanika is girlfriend of him.

HYDRA Dynamo Girlfriend

Moreover they are in relationship from a while. They both come together live on instagram.

And the most important thing for us i mean fans of Dynamo gaming is;

The rumors of hydra kani is fiancée of hydra dynamo is not officially true yet.

What is Pubg ID of Hydra Kani?

If you want to check her pubg profile then Hydra kani Pubg id is 5119395335. And Hydra kani Pubg Name is HYDRA | KANI

Literally, if you don’t like this way to go to her profile. Then, there is another option and that is;

Go, to Hydra Dynamo’s Pubg Profile and check his partner.

Basically, Hydra Kanika and Hydra Dynamo are in Sweetheart Connection in Pubg Mobile.

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Hydra Kani Pics and Video Call with Dynamo Gaming

For more pics and images you can go to her Instagram.

Hydra Kani Real Name

Hydra Kani Age Hydra Kanika


Final Words

So today I have shared Hydra Dynamo Girlfriend’s details. 

I hope you doubts related to Hydra Kani Age, Hydra Kani Biography, Hydra Kanika Pubg ID, Hydra Kanika Real Name and Hydra Kani Boyfriend are solved.

If something still in your mind about Hydra Dynamo’ Sweetheart then let me know in the comment section.

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