Zendex Pubg ID: So, Today I’m going to share Zendex Pubg ID with you.

Also, his Stats, Achievements, Country, Pubg Name, KD Ratio and Layout for you.

So, Let’s get into it.

Zendex Pubg ID

What is Zendex Pubg ID?

So, Zendex Pubg ID is 5671247021. And his Pubg Name is Zendex六九.

He has more than 450k Subscribers on his YouTube Channel. Zendex Plays Pubg Mobile in iPhone 11.

His most viewed video has more than 3 Million Views.

Also, he has more than 10k Followers on his Instagram.

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Zendex Pubg Player Facts

  • Zendex is Pubg Mobile Content Creator.
  • Mostly, he makes Pubg Mobile Tips and Tricks Videos.
  • He was inspired from Wacky Jacky.
  • Zendex is also on Discord. You can join Zendex Discord.
  • Also, Join T3 Customs Pubg Discord and Fortnite West 2.0 Discord.
  • You can check Zendex Pubg Layout given below.
  • Zendex Pubg Layout

Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Zendex Pubg ID with you.

Also, his Stats, Layout, Pubg Name, Country, KD Ratio and Achievements for you.

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