T3 Customs Pubg Discord: So, Today I’m going to share T3 Customs Pubg/BGMI Discord with you.

Also, Join More than 10 + Tier 3 Pubg Scrims Discord and Pubg Mobile T3 Scrims Discord.

Top 5 Discords given below are Also for T1 Customs and T2 Customs.

All Links are Available Below. With Full Details of Discord.

So, Let’s dive right in.

Tier 3 Customs Pubg Discord Server Link

T3 Customs Pubg Discord

So, Here I’m going to share 10+ T3 Customs Pubg Discord, Pubg Mobile T3 Scrims Discord, Tier 3 Custom Discord and Tier 3 Scrims Pubg Mobile Discord.

They all are one of the most Popular Discord Servers. Also, Some Popular PubgM Players Like; Scout, Regaltos, IndSnax, Daljit, Jonathan Join their Customs.

So, This is a Good opportunity for you to show your skills and Guts against your ideal Players.

T3 Customs Pubg Discord

How to Join T3 Customs in Pubg?

So, Process of joining T3 Customs is different in all of this T3 Scrims discord. But, Here are some of the most important Steps you must follow.

  1. First of all, Join any T3 Discord (Popular links given below).
  2. Then, Make you squad ready with IGL (In-Game leader).
  3. Now, open any discord and you’ll see a channel for Customs.
  4. Now, Submit your Squad details to them.
  5. In the end I’ve also written about how to promote yourself from T3 to T2 to T1.

T3 Discord #Bonus: OSM BattleGround

OSM BattleGround is one of the Best BGMI T1,T2, and T3 Scrims Discord Server with more than 20k+ Members.

Join OSM BattleGround

T3 Discord #1: Villager Esports™

Villager Esports is One of the most Popular Name among T1, T2 and T3 Customs organisers.


T3 Discord #2: Pain Esports™

Pain Esports and Pain Elite Customs both are same. They are also popular Name among Tier Customs.


T3 Discord #3: Ind Lovecraft Esports™


T3 Discord #4: iVo Esports™


T3 Discord #5: Papa Lethal Esports Official™


T3 Discord #6: Last Bench Gaming


T3 Discord #7: Dignity Esports


T3 Discord #8: Warrior Esports


T3 Discord #9: Gamistan Esports


T3 Discord #10: Young Terminator Epsorts


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How to Play T3 Customs? Effectively

For this topic you can watch This video of a popular Pubg Mobile Content Creator and a popular T1 Player.

This Guide Will Let you know how to join T3 Customs in Pubg Mobile.

How to Promote yourself from T3 to T2 to T1 Player?

So, This is one of the most important thing for you because most of you’re not playing T3 Customs for timepass. 


I know most of you’re playing to show your talent or skills. [ Maybe I’m Wrong 🙂 ]

Basically, you’ll have to perform a lot better to get More Points in T3 Customs.

For proper information you can Youtube this.

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Final Words on T3 Customs BGMI Discord Link

So, Today I’ve shared T3 Customs Pubg Discord and their BGMI T3 Discord Server Links with you.

Also, T3 Customs Pubg Discord Server Link, How to Join T3 Customs and How to Play T3 Customs for you.

Now, Still Something Left in your mind. Then, Let me know in the comments section.