BGMI Popularity Generator: So, Today I’m going to share BGMI Popularity Generator Free Hack Tool for you.

By Using this Tool you can generate and get unlimited popularity in Battlegrounds Mobile India (BGMI).

This BGMI Popularity Generator can reward Popularity items like Motorcycle, Gold Banknote, Airplanes, Airship, Helicopter and Private Plane.

BGMI Popularity Generator: List of Available Perks and Their Probability!

So, Here is the list of popularity perks available in this BGMI Popularity Generator Increaser Free Panel. and their price in UC if you buy them with Unknown Cash (Just for representation).

Popularity Amount

Name of Popularity Perk

Probability Price of Perk (in UC)
200 Motorcycle Very Common 10 UC
800 Gold Banknote Very Common 50 UC
6000 Balloons Common 300 UC
10000 Cake Common 500 UC
25000 Airplanes Rare 1000 UC
50000 Airship Rare 2000 UC
125000 Treasure Very Rare 5000 UC
300000 Private Plane Ultimately Rare 9999 UC


Also, you can use our BGMI UC Generator to get unlimited UC for Free and No Recoil BGMI Sensitivity Settings.

Generate Popularity

What is BGMI Popularity Hack? 

Basically, BGMI Popularity Hack or BGMI Popularity Generator is a 100% Safe and Free Tool to Increase Unlimited Popularity in any BGMI Account,

In Fact, this tool works on the same import export algorithm. In Short, this tool export inputs to BGMI official servers and import redeem code from Battlegrounds Mobile India Servers. 

Easily, you can redeem the code in BGMI Redemption Site and claim your popularity.

Bgmi popularity Generator

How to Use BGMI Popularity Generator? 

So, Here I’m going to share how you can use BGMI popularity generator effectively and how you can unlimited popularity in BGMI;

  • First of all, Open BGMI Popularity Generator Tool from Here.
  • Secondly, Copy the given redeem code from tool.
  • Now, Open BGMI Redemption Site and Redeem Your Code.
  • Bonus: you can use the tool unlimited times by refreshing the page again and again. 
  • On every refresh you’ll get a new working redeem code.

Top 8+ Popularity Perks available in BGMI Popularity Free Generator

Ultimately, here is the list of available BGMI popularity bikes and other items;

  1. Motorcycle
  2. Gold Banknote
  3. Balloons
  4. Cake
  5. Airplanes
  6. Airship
  7. Treasure
  8. Private Plane
  9. And other common perks.

BGMI Popularity Ranking List – Graph in India

So, Here is list of top 8 players based on BGMI Popularity Ranking Graph in India;

BGMI Popularity Ranking List

BGMI Popularity in India

BGMI Popularity Buy / Purchase

In Short, I have no official or trust source for you from where you can buy or purchase BGMI Popularity. 

Also, I’ll not recommend you to do any BGMI Popularity Purchase because it is just a waste of money or UC.

Instead, you can do some other stuff in BGMI Like opening crates and upgrading guns etc.

BGMI Popularity Buy

Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared BGMI Popularity Generator with you. Also, BGMI Popularity Ranking List in India for you.

I have shared everything regarding BGMI Popularity Hack and Trick to get Unlimited Popularity in BGMI for Free.

Also, I have shared is it worth to buy or purchase popularity in BGMI or Not.

Now, Still something left in your mind. Then, please let me know in the comments section.