Carryminati Pubg ID: So, Today I’m going to share Carryislive Pubg ID with you.

Also, Carryminati KD, Stats, Tier and Why he choose his name Khalidjamonday.

So, Let’s dive into it.

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Carryminati Pubg ID – Carry Minati Pubg ID

Carryminati Pubg ID | Carryislive Pubg ID

What is Carryminati Pubg ID? Khalidjamonday

So, Carryminati Pubg ID or Carryislive Pubg ID is 545247961. And his Pubg Name is Khalidjamonday. Basically, Carryminati aka Carryislive is a Professional Pubg Mobile Player and a Professional Gamer. He is well Known as No.1 Roaster in India. 

Who is Carryminati? 

Carryminati is a popular Youtuber from India and He has more than 20 Million Subscribers on his Youtube Channel.

He make roasting videos on his channel. and he plays Pubg Mobile and other games for fun on emulator.

Carryminati Pubg ID – Carryislive Pubg ID:


Carryminati Pubg Name – Khalidjamonday

Carryminati Pubg Real Name – Carryislive Pubg Real Name:
Ajey Nagar

Carryminati Pubg Gameplay

Carryminati Fans can join Carryislive Discord Server.

Moreover, You can check complete wiki of Carryminati on Wikipedia.

Carryminati Popular Pubg Videos

Sniper Kills by Carryminati Non-stop 10 Kills.

Carryminati Broke his Monitor.

Carryminati Playing Pubg Mobile with Hydra Dynamo.

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Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Carryminati Pubg ID or Carryislive Pubg ID with you.

Also, I shared his real name, Pubg Name, Age and why he choose his Pubg Name Khalidjamonday for you.

But, If still something left in your mind. Then, please let me know in the comments section.

Carryminati Pubg Name | Khalidjamonday