Pubg Clan Leader Benefits: So, Today I’m Going to share 7+ Cool and Awesome Benefits of Being a Pubg Clan Leader.

Being a Pubg Clan Leader is Satisfaction.

So, without any further delay let’s dive right in;

Pubg Clan Leader Benefits

7+ Cool Benefits of Being a Pubg Clan Leader

  1. Clan leader has access to Add or Kick any player from clan.
  2. Clan Leader can Appoint Co-leaders in clan.
  3. Leader can appoint Clan elites in Pubg.
  4. Can Rename Clan Name.
  5. And cool benefit is when someone open your clan members profile. Then, that player see your name in separate box with a title “leader”.
  6. If clan leader is unactive for more than 20 days then his leadership can be lost.
  7. Clan leader has a title below his name “(Clan Name Leader”.


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