Today I’m Going to Present you a Detailed Step by Step Guide on “How to Get Grenadier Title in Pubg Mobile.

I’m Getting Grenadier title since season 6 in countries Like (India, Uganada and Korea).

If you read this whole article then no one can stop you from achieving #1 Greandier Title.

How to Get Grenadier Title in Pubg Mobile?

How to Get Grenadier Title in Pubg

Reason Why Grenadier Title is Cool in Pubg Mobile

  • It is Easy to get without playing a Lot.
  • You can get grenade kills naturally in your daily game.

How to Choose Perfect Flag to Get Grenadier Title Easily?

In Fact, I have got this title in,

  • India
  • British Indian Territory
  • Uganda
  • Germany

Just open Region section and See all countries. Now decide one flag with lowest grenade kills.

It take time in research of good flag with low competition. But, this is the only key to get good position in ranking.

5 Tactics Helps you in Getting Grenadier Title (Quickly)

Now, i am going to share 5 Tactics that are insanely actionable.

This tricks will help you in getting grenadier title in pubg.

So, let’s dive right in.

Increase Grenade Pick Up’s

First of all, increase numbers of grenade you pick.

In my case, usually i pick 6-8 Grenades in every single game.

  • 6-8 Grenade in Every game.
  • In last 3 Zones Increase number of grenades as much as you can.
  • You can drop molotov coctail. Because your ambition is to get Grenadier title.

How to Get Scavenger Title in Pubg Mobile – (Easiest Way)

Proper Team Work + Good Non-Selfish Teammates

So, Getting grenadier title is not possible in Solo at all. 

Literally, you need a proper team work. 

  • Tell your teammates to give her grenades to you.
  • While rushing don’t get directly inside any building.
  • Before rushing try to through all your grenades. Almost, in every corner of building.
  • After knocking don’t rush directly. Try to confirm your enemies with grenades.

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Kill All Bots by Yourself (Convience Teammates)

So, this point is one of the best and easy tactic. That, will gives you Grenadier title in pubg.

  • Kill all bots by yourself (with grenades).
  • Tell your teammates to satisfy.
  • Pro tip to convience your teammates: you can also help your teammates in achiving other titles like Scavenger. 
  • Read: How to get Scavenger Title in Pubg Mobile.

Play Full and Blind Rush (One Goal = #1 Grenadier)

Don’t forget that your goal or ambition is to get #1 Grenadier title.

That’s why forget about KD Ratio & Rank Pushing. Read: KD full form in pubg and how to increase KD Ratio.

  • If your friends or teammates are bored by playing with you.
  • Because most of the players care about Rank and KD.
  • That’s why try to play Solo vs Squad. And play rush and die early.
  • This will not increase your tier and you will constantly get Noob or Diamond Tier lobby.

Proper Third Person (no scope) Sensitivity

You know what i am sharing my last 5 seasons experiance in this article.

On “How to get grenadier title”. So, i hope you understand that why I’m talking about third person sensitivity.

If you have no proper sensitivity setting then i recommend you to use this Best Third Person Sensitivity.

  • Good and Low Third person sensitivity make your grenading 100% accurate.
  • It make your grenading sharp.
  • With low third person sensitivity you can easily through grenades through thick places.

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Last Message for Readers and Future #1 Grenadiers

First of all, i hope you like this guide and believe me if you follow this guide.

Then, literally no one can stop you from getting #1 Grenadier in your ideal country.

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