Zupee Gold Referral Code is diarnuu.

First of all, Install the zupee gold app with referral code and instantly earn money. 

Then, play quiz answers and correct answer and instantly get rs in amazon pay.

Refer the zupee gold with your friends and earn paytm cash.

My Zupee Referral Code

My Zupee Referral Code


What is Zupee Gold Referral Code?

A zupee referral code is a unique code assigned to your account.

You can use this number to refer your friends to zupee and get rewarded!

The artificial intelligance automatically detect the use of your refer code.

When someone enter your zupee redeem code while creating account.

What is Zupee Gold and How it Works?

Basically, Zupee or Zupee Gold is live trivia quiz app.

Similarly, as Qureka and Loco. In fact, Zupee host correct answer quiz with time countdown.

After quiz they declares winner by calculating the time taken by players.

Winners of quiz earn free paytm cash and amazon pay in a good amount.

What is the Invite Code of ZupeeGold?

Now, in 2019 the invite code of zupee gold is diarnuu.

This code can be used after creating account.

You can also share your referral code and instantly get rs in your paytm wallet.

How to Refer the Zupee Gold app to your friends?

First of all, zupee gold give paytm cash per refer. So to refer the zupee gold app to your friends you can share your invitation link with your friends.

Then tell them to use your Redeem, Referral, Promo & Invite code. For an example: diarnuu.

As much you share then more you earn.

How to add invite code in Zupee gold latest apk?

  1. Click on menu.
  2. Then click refer and earn.
  3. Now click redeem your referral bonus.Add invite code in zupee from here
  4. Now enter “diarnuu” in box.
  5. When you enter this Invitation Code. 10₹ automatically added in your wallet.

Is Zupee Gold App real?

Zupee Gold is actually a smartphone app for online quiz and Q&A. For every correct answer or quiz win, you earn paytm cash and amazon pay ranging between 10₹ and 52,000₹ depending upon the prize poll. Here is where you can download the Zupee Gold – Zuppe App.

Conclusion – My Honest Words on Zupee Gold

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