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So, In this article I’m going to share A to Z information about Gyan Gaming. I mean everything about Gyan Gaming Free Fire Player. For an example, Gyan Gaming ID, Gyan Gaming Photo, Gyan Gaming Face, Gyan Gaming ID Number, Gyan Gaming Phone Number, Gyan Gaming Solo vs Squad, Gyan Gaming Nemo TV, Gyan Gaming Age, Gyan Gaming Biography, Gyan Gaming Girlfriend, Gyan Gaming Free Fire Live Stream and many more.

Gyan Gaming

Gyan Gaming Logo

Gyan Gaming ID – Gyan Gaming ID Number

Short Biography

Real Name Ankit Sujan
Nickname Sujan
Age Not Known 
Place of Birth India
Country India
Nationality Indian
Free Fire Name _GyanSujan_
Free Fire ID 70393167
Phone Number 1234567890
Likes 24000+
Controls 4 Fingers Claw
Device iPhone XR
Social Media  Instagram, Youtube
Instagram   gyangaming
Email   [email protected]

Who is Gyan Gaming? Biography, Face, Photo

Gyan Gaming Aka Ankit Sujan is popular free fire player from india. He has more than 2 million Subscribers on youtube and 250k+ Followers on Instagram. Moreover, he is one of the most popular free fire player in the world.

I know you’re die hard free fire lovers. but, still i recommend you to read inspiring biographies of popular pubg players.

What is Gyan Gaming ID? Free Fire ID

Basically, Gyan Gaming ID is 70393167. Moreover, Gyan Gaming Free Fire Name is _GyanSujan_. And in game likes are more than 28k.

Gyan Gaming Phone Number is not known yet. In future if I’ll get his phone number then i i will notify you.

Gyan Gaming ID:


Gyan Gaming Free Fire Name:


Gyan Gaming ID

Gyan Gaming Face

Gyan Gaming VS Two Side Gamer (TSG) Controversy

So, guys recently Gyan gaming has faced a little bit of Controversy with Two side gamers (TSG). But, through out time Everything got sorted. Still you can watch this detailed video to know the exact reason.

Gyan Gaming Phone Number + WhatsApp number

Here you’ll get gyan gaming’s exact phone number and WhatsApp number.

Also, we just can’t mentioned his number directly in this article or we can’t show his real number publically directly.

But, you’ll get a way to get Gyan Gaming Phone Number instantly.

Copy his Phone Number

Gyan Gaming Phone Number

Gyan Gaming Solo vs Squad

Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared Gyan Gaming ID, Gyan Gaming Phone Number, WhatsApp number and Gyan Gaming Free Fire ID Number with you.

Also, his Face, Logo, Age and Controversy with Two Side Gamers.

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