B2K Free Fire ID: So, Today I’m going to share B2K Free Fire ID with you.

Also, his Free Fire Name, Stats, Real Name, Age and UID for you.

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B2K Free Fire UID – B2K Free Fire Photo

Today We’ll take a look at what you’ll get in today’s article.

  • I’ll share some B2K Free Fire Photos.
  • Last Seasons Stats of B2k.
  • B2k free fire name full form.
  • B2K Free Fire UID Original.
  • B2K Free Fire Real Name.
  • B2K Free Fire ID Indian Server.

B2K Free Fire ID

What is B2K Free Fire ID? B2K Free Fire ID Indian Server

So, B2K Free Fire ID is 320653047. And his Free Fire Name or UID is B O R N 2 K I I L

His Free Fire level is 70+ and his Inventory is very large and Expensive.

Basically, B2K or Born 2 Kill is one of the best Free Fire Player.

B O R N 2 K I I L

B2K Real Name – B2K County

So, Basically B2K Real Name is Moez Mansouri. And he is from Tunisia.

B2K First Created his Youtube Channel in 2019.

And Now he has more than 6 Million Subscribers.

And He use Laptop for his main purposes of Video editing and Live Streaming on his youtube channel.

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Facts About B2K Free Fire Profile

  • B2K has more than 8.5 Million Subscribers on his Youtube Channel.
  • And more than 150000 Likes he has in Free Fire.
  • You can also check his Free Fire Stats and Guild Slogan.
  • B2K Free Fire Stats
  • This Image quality is not good. So, You can open his profile by using his Free Fire ID.
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Final Words

So, Today I’ve shared B2K Free Fire ID with you.

Also, his Free Fire Name, UID, Real Name, Age and ID Number for you.

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