PUBG Mobile Godilla Location: Basically, this new event has been arrange by collaboration of Pubg with New Upcoming Movie Godzilla. Also, this event is so scary.

Where to Find Godzilla in Pubg Mobile

Where to Find Godzilla in Pubg Mobile

Where to Find Godzilla in Pubg Mobile

So, if you are looking for Godzilla in Pubg Mobile Location. Then you can go to this place to find.

A giant footstep of Godzilla in Pubg Mobile.

However, this location is situated in the backside of Militiary Base.

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Pubg Mobile Godzilla Location

Pubg Mobile Godzilla Location

Why Unknown Scary Sound Comes in Pubg During Night.

Literally, when first i hear the unknown creatures sound in pubg mobile during night mode. Then, my hairs are filled with fear.

Again, In Georgopol i hear the same sound then i started research to know from where and why this sound is coming.

Then, I Got very intresting thing about godzilla.

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Godzilla T-Shirt in Pubg Mobile

Godzilla T-Shirt in Pubg Mobile

Due to collab of Player Unknown’s Battleground (PUBG) with new upcoming movie godzilla

Godzilla T Shirts are spawning in Pubg Mobile.

Mainly, this t-shirt has blue color and this t shirt is spawninng at multiple places.

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